Here are some tips and questions to consider when planning your program:


  • What cities or towns do you want to visit?
  • What sights do you want to see on the way?
  • What activities do you need to include to meet academic goals?


  • J term or Spring Break programs typically run 9-10 days. Summer programs tend to be longer.


  • How full do you want your itinerary to be?
  • Do you need to allow free time for your students?
  • Will your students need time for journals, blogs, exploration and/or course work?
  • We generally suggest having a full morning followed by an “easier” afternoon.
  • Evenings are fantastic for activities such as walking tours.
  • On arrival day, it is best not to schedule much in case there are flight delays.


  • We work with a minimum group size of 10 students.
  • The more students you recruit the more affordable the program will be.
  • We recommend a faculty/student ratio of 1:10.


  • Do you have local contacts that you would like your students to meet?


  • Breakfasts are always included.
  • Do you want all dinners included?
  • We recommend not including lunches unless necessary.


  • Your students already have paid for their flight over. If they have the time, they can extend their stay. Maybe they would like to see another country in Europe.