"I believe that I began to travel even before I learned how to write. Ever since I was little, maybe 5 years old, I used to sit facing the ocean and I would stay there looking and wondering what might be out there beyond what my view could reach . . . and knowing that someday I would discover it."

It was in Spain that Daniel had the opportunity to convert his passion into a profession, working as a tour director, with both Americans on the peninsula and Spaniards on the rest of the continent. With Spain as a trampoline, he headed toward the rest of the European countries.

After more than a decade of hotels, museums, theaters, streets, and plazas he felt prepared to make the jump towards Africa. He has guided hundreds of travelers through the safari routes of South Africa, taking care of the logistics and all that traveling through such a grand continent entails.

"I have crossed through deserts, rivers, waterfalls, new towns, cities, and tribes during several years and always with the same feeling of that first time, leaving a host of memories, friendships and the warmth of all the magnificent people that I have met along this marvelous adventure."