A Day in London

I rang in the New Year this year in the wonderful city of London. I am fortunate to be able to to visit London frequently as I have family there, and Hart Travel Partners welcomes groups there many times a year.

As often as I go, I am always amazed by what a tremendously exciting and ever changing city London is. 

There is something special about seeing a city when it is waking up, and this is especially true in London. If you are a walker or, like me, a jogger, I would recommend getting up early to jog or walk around the Thames River. You will avoid the crowds as you pass by the South Bank and the London Eye

Unique views of the city, including the Houses of Parliament, will be part of your route. On my day in the city, I went along past Lambeth Palace and around the MI6. After crossing the Thames, I discovered a lovely small park right next to the Houses of Parliament! A little gem of tranquility.  

Later that morning, my family and I took the tube to London Bridge to take a walk around Borough Market. This market, which is full of local color, is a ‘food heaven.’

There is a wonderful mix of food stalls from around the world; it features Mexican specialties, Ethiopian flavors, Italian delicacies, vegetarian Indian food, ice cream, cheese, wine, chocolate, cakes…and more!

I highly recommend going there for a bite to eat and to enjoy a slice of local culture. While you are there, check out the peculiarly yet aptly named Gherkin skyscraper. It is just over a decade old but now an important part of the London skyline.  

As we returned home on a boat along the Thames, I was shocked to realize that I had never been on a boat in Central London. What a treat it was! 

As it was evening, the views of major sights illuminated was fantastic. I would recommend a ride on one of these boats, which are part of the London transport network, to any visitor.

For those of us who know it well, London is like an old friend. For those visiting for the first time, London is a great adventure.  There is so much to do in this capital city. Please call us to plan your stay in London—we will make it a wonderful educational experience!


Steve Hart
Hart Travel Partners