A Day in Spain

I just came back from a quick trip to see my parents in Madrid. Madrid is one of my favorite cities because of its history, culture, food and non-stop energy. I also love that there are interesting places you can visit from there within an hour or so on the train.


We hopped on the train and took a day trip to Segovia, traveling about 30 minutes or so outside of Madrid. Even though I travel all the time, I could not believe how easy it was to get to Segovia. I always take for granted how easy it is to travel on trains not only in Spain, but all over Europe! 

In Segovia, we strolled around and admired the beautiful Roman aqueduct—quite a feat of engineering, particularly as it was built over 2,000 years ago. We continued up Calle Cervantes, passing small shops and bars, to the main square, which is home to the lovely Cathedral.

After seeing the Cathedral, it was just a quick walk to the Alcazar, one of the most stunning castles in Europe. The views from here are fantastic!

One o’clock was still too early for lunch so we did what every local does and had a caña—small beer—and a tapa—small snack. Next to the bar was the church of San Miguel, where Isabela was proclaimed Queen of Castilla in the late 1400s.

After finishing our appetizer, we went to a local restaurant for a menu del día that included the local speciality, cochinillo—roast suckling pig—which was washed down with some lovely local red wine. The menu del día is one of the best deals in Spain! For about $10 to $15 you get a three course meal with wine and coffee. You will see restaurants offering these menus all over the place.

After lunch, we boarded the train and were back in Madrid by 6 pm. What a lovely day trip!

I encourage everyone to use the train system in Europe. Whether you are in Rome, Paris, Florence or Madrid, trains can take you to the most beautiful places, at very good prices. They are quick, efficient and a great way to see the countryside as you travel. If you are traveling as part of a small group, this is a particularly great way to keep the price down by not hiring expensive private busses.

Thinking about traveling? No matter how small your group is, give us a call and we can plan your trip to Europe using public transport!

Buen viaje,

Steve Hart
Hart Travel Partners