A Quick Update from Hart Travel Partners

We hope that you all had a wonderful summer! At HTP it was a time to relax with our families after a very busy and successful travel season. 

Every year we look forward to reading the evaluations that our group leaders complete. We eagerly comb through them to find any areas for improvement as we strive to provide an even better experience, and we delight in the compliments and good reviews. 


Of the group leaders who returned evaluations so far this year, we are thrilled to report that: 

- 100% agreed that their academic goals were met.
- 100% rated their Travel Directors as very good/excellent.
- 100% would travel with us again and would recommend us to others.

The programs we ran around the world this season were as varied and interesting as the groups themselves. From community colleges to Ivy League schools, public, charter and private schools to alumni groups, here are some examples of the exciting programs we produced for institutions across the country in 2016:

Paris: Photography, Architecture and the City of Lights

France and Italy: The Mediterranean Diet

Cuba: A People to People Cultural Journey

Ireland: Comparative Education

Costa Rica: Spanish Language Immersion

China: Culture and History

Many thanks to all the study abroad offices, faculty, teachers and alumni leaders that led programs with us and made such a difference in their students’ lives.



We are thrilled to announce that our program portfolio now includes the fascinating destinations of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.  As you know these countries offer a fantastic cultural heritage that can be incorporated in to your academic disciplines. 

But what we are perhaps the most excited about is the addition of Myanmar as a destination. ‘This is Burma,' wrote Rudyard Kipling. ‘It is quite unlike any place you know about.’  We cannot wait to share this exciting and unique destination with our groups.

Whatever your destination, we are eager to work with you on a program for 2017 and/or 2018. Contact me at your earliest convenience to get started!

Lastly, I am planning my fall travel schedule and I always love to include visits to our many friends and colleagues.  Please let me know if you would be interested in a meeting at your campus this fall. 

Looking forward to seeing you all out there on the road somewhere!