Happy 2017 from Steve

We just wrapped up 2016 by reading evaluations from our travel leaders and looking at photos from the past year’s adventures.  One thing is clear: the faculty, staff, students, alumni and others who travel with us get to see and learn a lot, and have fun in the process. 
What keeps us coming back to the core of our business year after year is the value that travel has on education, now matter what you study or your age.

Traveling is the ultimate act of self-discovery.  When I first set out for Europe on my own as a young man, I was struck with an amazing feeling of independence.  I felt grown up and it felt good!  I managed to get myself to and from destinations using the train time tables and maps, I managed to eat three meals a day (give or take) in foreign restaurants and cafes, and I saw more in a few weeks than I ever thought possible, all in a variety of languages.  If that doesn’t prepare you to navigate the challenges of adulthood, I’m not sure what will.
Later, as a tour director, and now, as the President of Hart Travel Partners, I have had the pleasure of literally seeing students grow up in the space of ten days.  Shy kids who have never left their hometown find themselves ordering food confidently in Spanish a week later.  (I have found hunger to be a great motivator!)  Knowing that they can find their way around a foreign country makes young people feel more confident about themselves.
On an HTP travel program, you can be sure that exploration takes place within the safety of a well-organized, cohesive program structure.  Students have a blend of free time for exploration, and structured activities within the context of a travel program. Many students and faculty find that this is the perfect combination of independence and interdependence that sets students up for a lifetime of successful travel, all while achieving academic goals.
January is the month of resolutions.  At HTP, we are resolved to continue bringing the gift of travel into people’s lives.  We hope that you will consider doing the same!  Please contact us to learn what great adventure can lie in store for you, your students and colleagues this year.


Kind Regards,