Playing Dominoes in Havana

“The trip was everything and more than we advertised to our students!”   

We’ve just wrapped up our spring travel season, and the reviews are in.  We’ve heard that one thing that sets our travel programs apart from all the others is our ability to deliver personalized, faculty developed experiences, thanks to our deep connections with academic and cultural institutions worldwide.   

Cultivated over many years, these partnerships are created and fostered between educators and local experts so that you can take learning to the next level. The immersive experiences that follow are truly educational.  Here are just a few from the spring travel season:

  • In Cuba, we offered a class studying Afro-Cuban culture the opportunity to meet with a dance company that preserves local traditions and practices.  Our visit took place in Matanzas, the birthplace of two styles of dance, danzón and rumba.

  • Also in Cuba, we helped students to truly live like locals when we set up a competitive domino game with a Havana domino federation. There is probably no better way to really get to know the locals than engaging in a friendly game of dominoes—speaking Spanish, of course—and by extension to get to know the country.  It’s our pleasure to offer this to opportunity to our travelers.

  • Food is another excellent way to get to know a country, a culture, and its people.  In Greece,some families offered dinner in their homes to one of our student groups. They conversed with their Greek hosts over dakossaganaki, and local feta and olives, gaining an appreciation for the local food culture

  • For centuries, the joy of sports has transcended language and culture.  One of our groups of travelers experienced this first hand when we arranged for them to attend a Six Nations match between France and Italy in Rome.  The Six Nations Championship is an annual international rugby union competition featuring England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. Our Travel Director even taught them how to play rugby in the Circus Maximus in Rome!

The faculty and students who travel with us are deeply appreciative of our efforts to put them right in the center of the action.  Every meal and every hotel is an opportunity for an immersive experience.  "The dinners were absolutely amazing. ALL of them,” and “The Rappen Hotel in Rothenberg was perfectly located,” were some of the comments received from groups that just returned from spring break trips.

What unique experience will you have with Hart Travel Partners?  If you can dream it, we can do it. Contact us today to start imagining what is possible!

Kind regards,

Steve Hart