Read what our faculty leaders have to say

It’s been an amazing and busy year so far for Hart Travel Partners and our groups.

We've created wonderful travel programs around the world — from China to Europe, from Costa Rica to northern Africa. Along the way, our groups have enjoyed many unique educational — and exciting — experiences:

  • One group participated in a photography course while traveling around France, including the picturesque Mont Saint-Michel (above).
  • We helped produced a mock naval battle reenactment between the Romans and Carthaginians off the coast of Sicily — a first for Hart Travel Partners!
  • In Beijing, a group spent a few hours at a local high school, interacting with students in one of the classes (right).
  • In Morocco, we organized camel rides in the Sahara and a cooking lesson in Marrakesh.
  • In Costa Rica, we hosted a group of educators for an educational convention.
  • Another program focused on crime in London and Paris.
  • A group of students got to be gladiators for a few hours in Rome.
  • In San José, Costa Rica, a group spent time volunteering with a local orphanage.
  • A group of journalism students participated in a sports show on Spanish TV (below).

I could go on and on, but I couldn’t convey the impact of these (and other) experiences nearly as well as our faculty leaders. So let me share some of their thoughts from their recent travel programs this year:

Steven B., England: “In 15 years going on student trips, this is one of the best trips I’ve ever had with students. We absolutely loved everything we did in England — the sights, the sounds, the pubs, the theater scene. Just couldn’t ask for more fun, more educational experience with students.”

Laura C., Italy: “We packed so much into our 10 short days in Italy that I am sure the students will be sorting through their memories for a long time.”

Natalie R., Morocco: “I learned SO much about the country. Students prepared research projects prior to the trip, but being there and hearing information from Abdul really enhanced any prior knowledge. … We did not feel like tourists. Abdul took us to some local places that we would not have otherwise experienced.”

Vanessa C., Paris: “This trip was so affordable for students but had so many activities and locations to visit. Students were engaged every step of the way but still had free time to experience life in France.”

Jake S., Italy: “Another fabulously successful trip with Hart Travel Partners. This was my fifth trip in the last seven years, and each one has been better than the last (and the first was GREAT!). My students had a blast and Hart Travel Partners are extremely easy to work with. Every year I get unsolicited comments from parents about how nice Hart Travel Partners is — a huge bonus.”

I’m always so grateful and so proud to hear what our faculty leaders think about our programs. We’re already working on next year’s spring trips, and we’d love to start planning your next faculty-led travel program.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me now, and tell me what sort of amazing educational experiences you’d like to share with your students.


Steve Hart
Hart Travel Partners