Satisfying our wanderlust

It seems that we have turned a corner and are heading in the right direction. There is light ahead of the long tunnel. Sometimes, it seems like it is just a flicker, but I feel positive that with the rollout of the vaccines worldwide, we will be traveling soon. We just need to wait a bit longer.

The wonderful thing about social media is that we can see what lots of our friends and colleagues have been up to during the pandemic and what they have done in place of traveling. There has been a lot of cooking (and eating!); for example, we have learned how to cook delicious meals such as paella, gnocchi and tortilla española. Friends have shared memories of traveling to destinations all over the world along with wonderful pictures. Lots of amazing guides have turned to hosting online lectures on all aspects of world history and culture. And, one of our most avid traveler friends introduced us to the German concept of Fernweh (the longing to explore the world). It is incredible how we can still stay in touch with the world while not being able to travel.

I have been satisfying my own wanderlust by watching shows such as “The Crown” that so wonderfully depicts England in the 20th century. I have enjoyed reading some historical fiction such as “London: The Novel” by Edward Rutherford. I also have been playing my classical guitar a lot. Check out our latest Facebook post to see me playing a “Prelude” by Bach.

It is clear through all of this that there is a longing to get back on a plane and explore the world. For us adventurers, travel is a big part of our soul. When we get back to it, travel surely will look a bit different. We will be wearing masks, things will be a lot cleaner and sanitized, and maybe we will have to carry vaccine passports with us! These small but necessary changes will be worth it as we surely will appreciate more than ever the art, history, food, people and music that the world has to offer. Won’t it be fantastic to feel jet lagged again?

We cannot wait to work with you on all of your trips with your students. In addition to all of the fun things we have been doing to stay connected to travel, we also have been busy preparing for the “new normal” of travel, including updating our protocols and training our staff. When the time comes, we will be ready to make sure that you and your students are prepared to travel confidently within all the new guidelines, while enjoying fantastic learning experiences.

Steve Hart
Hart Travel Partners