Spotlight on Rome: History comes alive

Every time I travel to Rome, I am captured by the charm and wonders of this incredibly historical city.

On a recent trip, I flew in to Fiumicino Airport and took a taxi to my hotel in central Rome, as I’ve done countless times. But on that routine 30-minute taxi ride, I realized that we were witnessing 2,000 years of history right from my back seat.

We began in modern times with airplanes flying overhead, then drove past the monumental fascist architecture of EUR, a mid-20th-century residential and business district. As we entered the heart of the city, I saw my first glimpses of the ornate Baroque style exemplified in the beautiful Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna. Going further back in history, we then saw Renaissance buildings such as the Palazzo Venezia. Finally, we reached back to where it all began: the still proud monuments of the Roman Empire, such as the Colosseum in all its majesty. Little could the builders of the Colosseum in the 1st century AD have imagined the crazy traffic that now drives around it.

I love seeing the new mix with the old, and there’s nowhere like Rome where such ancient monuments thrive amid modern society. That blend is so encompassing, it sometimes seems as if Romans take their surroundings for granted as they sip their espressos opposite the Pantheon or circle the Colosseum on their mopeds.

If I could experience all of this on one brief taxi ride on arrival day, just imagine what you and your students can see and do on a faculty-led study abroad program with Hart Travel Partners.

Rome is a terrific destination if you are studying art, architecture, history or any number of other subjects. Our local experts not only show you all of city’s sights, but they also illuminate its history with stories and lessons of the past — whether it is life during the Roman Empire or the times of Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. We can even arrange for your group to take gladiator lessons at a local gladiator school!

Rome, of course, is perfect for courses related to food. HTP can plan cooking lessons and opportunities to learn about different kinds of pasta, cheese, ham, etc. Speaking of food, of course, there’s no better city for eating than Rome. And we ensure that our groups enjoy local fare. For example, our groups often eat at Osteria del Gallo with a typical menu:

  • Rigatoni cacio e pepe (Rigatoni short pasta with cheese and pepper)
  • Saltimbocca alla romana (veal escalopes with ham and sage)
  • Patate e piselli (potatoes and green peas)
  • Tiramisu

While exploring the sights and enjoying the tastes of Rome, all of our groups stay in accommodations in the city center. One of our more popular is Hotel Nord Nuova Roma, a building that dates to 1937 but includes a renovated interior. Located in the heart of Rome, the hotel features its own roof garden, offering amazing views of the Eternal City.

Rome also is the ideal hub to explore the rest of Italy. The efficient fast-speed trains allow you to easily visit Florence and Venice, for example. Hart Travel Partners can put together an affordable itinerary covering these three cities by using the wonderful rail network, rather than expensive buses.

Rome and Italy are perfect backdrops for any course you teach. We can create amazing experiences for you and your students in Rome, across Italy and around the world. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me anytime to discuss incorporating Rome and Italy into one of your faculty-led programs.


Steve Hart
Hart Travel Partners