Viva Latin America!

This month we are celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of Latin America, one of our favorite destinations.  History, architecture, music, food, ecology, sociology: the countries of Latin America contain a number of subject areas that will appeal to everyone from the environmental scientist to the political scientist, as well as the artist and the poet.

A new destination on our website this month is Cuba—but it’s not a new destination for Hart Travel Partners.  I have been leading groups to Cuba since the 1990s—long before travel restrictions were eased.  We are thrilled that the United States has opened up travel to this wonderful part of the world.  HTP’s long-standing relationships, experience and access to local expertise mean that we are ready to create fantastic immersive programs with groups staying in hotels or private homes, a unique experience indeed. 

Speaking of unique immersive experiences, our Costa Rica homestay itinerary combines academic study with the opportunity to learn how local families live, eat and play.  While students spend their days amongst the wildlife of the cloud forest, or experiencing the biodiversity of a butterfly farm, they spend their evenings sharing meals and conversations with their host families.  Students come away with a better appreciation of the country as a whole—the richness of its environmental legacy, it’s efforts to produce cash crops such as coffee in a sustainable fashion, and the hopes and dreams of its people.

Nothing speaks to hopes and dreams more than education, and a special program we created with our local partners focused specifically on multicultural education in Brazil.  Students visit everything from poor favelas to private schools, learning about the important figures of Brazilian education along the way.  Outings to iconic spots, such as the Christ the Redeemer Statue and the beach, are balanced with in-depth visits to a government educational department and innovative education projects

Lastly, nothing demonstrates the power of travel to amplify learning more than our programs to the Galapagos Islands.  It’s one thing to see blue-footed boobies, active volcanos, giant tortoises and marine iguanas in a science text book; it’s a much different experience to see them in their native element, where Darwin’s theory of evolution was born.  Hikes and boat rides ensure that our students are as close as possible to the flora and fauna they study, as our travel director tells tales of the pirates and penal colonies that made up the human population over the years.

These itineraries, along with the Peru trip we highlighted last month, are just some of the exciting Latin America offerings we have.  We are also waiting to hear from you to create the perfect course for your students.  Give us a call!

Kind regards,

Steve Hart

Hart Travel Partners

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