Welcome Kirsten Sardi, Director of Partnerships

I am very pleased to share with you some exciting news: Kirsten Sardi has joined the Hart Travel Partners team as the Director of Partnerships

Kirsten will be traveling the country working directly with faculty, study abroad directors, teachers and others to provide personalized service and customization to those interested in an HTP travel program!

A self-described lifelong global citizen, Kirsten has appreciated the profound power of travel since early childhood.  She holds dual nationality with France and was fortunate to spend many childhood summers in her ancestral home in Normandy

As an adult, she combined her love of travel with her passion for education, first teaching in Spain and Turkey, and then in France on a yearlong Fulbright scholarship.  Not wanting to stop learning or traveling, she pursued a Master’s degree in International Education through the Graduate School of Education at George Washington University, with a focus on study abroad
Kirsten has worked in both international education and higher education, and therefore has a 360 degree view of the opportunities, complexities and rewards of faculty-led travel programs.  She has both helped to customize tours from the customer service side and worked within the structure of a university system.  This experience, along with Kirsten’s enthusiasm and attention to detail, makes her the best person to help HTP expand our outreach and offerings to our partners in higher education.
Kirsten’s most recent and favorite trip abroad was a long-awaited honeymoon to Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, last summer.  She is excited to bring her knowledge of this region to all of our travel leaders!
I hope you will join me in extending a warm welcome to Kirsten.  She is eager to meet you, either by visiting academic institutions or representing HTP at conferences across the U.S.  In the meantime, you can reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We are here for all of your 2017 & 2018 planning!